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907 Westwood Blvd #350 L.A. CA 90024


Ballroom Dance Club/IFDC at UCLA 



Upcoming Events
10th Annual Winter Salsa Celebration moved from AGB to KGS
Mon, Mar 02
Kerckhoff Grand Salon
Mar 02, 7:00 PM
Kerckhoff Grand Salon, 308 Westwood Plaza, Los Angeles, CA 90095, USA
10th Annual Winter Salsa Celebration No Experience Required! Free Admission! (donations welcome) Salsa Workshop; Party Live Music cancelled due to ASUCLA new Building Hours. Complementary Refreshments! RSVP to ballroom@ucla.edu
21st Annual Latin Culture Night and 13th Spring Salsa Celebration
Mon, Apr 20
Ackerman Grand Ballroom
Apr 20, 7:00 PM
Ackerman Grand Ballroom, 308 Westwood Plaza, Los Angeles, CA 90095, USA
21st Annual Spring Latin Culture Night & 13th Annual Salsa Celebration featuring the Pablo Mendez Latin Band. plus RUHS Dance Performance. No Experience Required! Live Music start/end times tba (ASUCLA has new Building Hours). RSVP to ballroom@ucla.edu
The 23rd Annual Jane Austen Ball at UCLA w/HBDC
Sat, May 30
UCLA Location tba
May 30, 7:00 PM
UCLA Location tba, UCLA
Learn historical ballroom dances/waltzes practiced by the gentleman and ladies of the 19th century! Loc. tba RSVP to HistoricalDance@yahoo.com
15th Annual End of Spring Swing Dance Party
Mon, Jun 01
University of California, Los Angeles
Jun 01, 7:00 PM
University of California, Los Angeles, University of California, Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA 90095, USA
Enjoy our last night of Dance Lessons Spring Quarter with an exciting Swing Dance Party feat. Swing Inc.! time tba/loc. tba (new bldg hours) Free Admission! (donations greatly appreciated) Live Music! No Experience Necessary! Complimentary Refreshments! Swing Dance Lessons for Beginners!
Weekly Lessons

Weekly lessons are a great way to learn a variety of dances for every dance level. We primarily teach Swing, Salsa, and Tango.

Members also gain confidence in other ballroom dance styles:

Waltz, Foxtrot, Cha Cha, Rumba...

Mondays Weeks 1-10 at UCLA Kerckhoff Grand Salon 7 p.m.-10 p.m.


Salsa Parties Mondays

2019: 11/18 moved from AGB to Ack=BB to K 

2020: 3/4 moved from AGB to Kerckhoff GS

Update: 11/18 moved from AGB to Ack-BRR-2414

Update: 11/18 moved from Ack-BRR to either the Kerckhoff Art Galley

or Salsa Lessons will be held outside Moore Hall 730pm-9pm

(due to ASUCLA charging too much $$ for Ack-BRR)

New Members welcome every week.

Weekly Lessons Mondays 7pm-11pm

*ending at 10pm starting Fall 2019


                     Fall Quarter: 9/30-12/2/2019 (96th Quarter) at KGS

                     Winter Quarter: 1/6-3/9/2020 & Sat. 1/25/2020 at KGS

                     (Mon. 1/13 moved from KGS to K Art Gallery)

                     (Sat. 1/25 moved from KGS to St. Alban's)

                     (Mon. 3/4 moved from AGB to K Art Gallery)

                     Spring Quarter: 3/30- 6/1/2020 at KGS

                     Summer Quarter: 6/22-8/24/2020 at Loc. tba

Annual Membership includes Dance Lessons/Parties

13 Saturday Night Theme Dances w/Historical BDC

Saturday Night Lessons/Parties 7 p.m.- 11:30 p.m. at KGS/Ack.

(starting Fall 2019 Saturday Events may be 7pm-10pm

due to new ASUCLA Building Hours)

and some Saturday Events

may be moved from KGS to St. Alban's


                        Fall Quarter 2019: Saturdays 10/19, 11/16

                        Winter Quarter 2020: Saturdays 1/25, 2/8, 2/22, 3/7

                        Spring Quarter 2020: Saturdays 4/4, 4/18, 5/2, 5/30

                        Summer Quarter 2020: Saturdays 7/18, 8/8


                 Dates/Locations can change.RSVP to Historical BDC


        Most Club Activities are held at UCLA Kerckhoff Hall Grand Salon


        Sat. 4/6/2019 at Ackerman Grand Ballroom-AGB Room 2400

        Mon. 4/22/2019 at Ackerman Grand Ballroom-AGB Room 2400

        Mon. 5/6/2019 at Ackerman Grand Ballroom-AGB Room 2400

        Mon. 6/3/2019 at Ackerman Grand Ballroom-AGB Room 2400

        Sat. 7/27/2019 moved from Kerckhoff GS to Bruin Plaza

        Sat. 8/10/2019 Theme Dance/Lessons at Bruin Plaza


Fall Quarter Updates

Sat. 10/19 moved from KGS/Ack-BRR 2414 to St. Alban's Social Hall

Sat. 11/16 moved from AGB to KGS then moved to St. Alban's 7pm-930pm

Mon. 11/18 moved from Ack-AGB to Ack-BRR-2414 then moved to either Kerckhoff Art Gallery or outside to front of Moore Hall

Winter/Spring Quarter Updates

        Mon. 3/2/2020 moved from AGB to KGS (Winter Week 9)

        Mon. 4/6/2020 at Ackerman BRR-2414 (Spring Week 2)

        Mon. 4/20/2020 at Ackerman-AGB Room 2400 (Spring Week 4)

        Mon. 6/1/2020 at Loc. tba

Summer 2020 Location(s) tba

RSVP for Saturday Events to HistoricalDance@yahoo.com

Annual BDCIFDC Members are subsidized

for all on-campus events including

12 Saturday Nights presented by

Historical Ballroom Dance Club at UCLA (HBDC)

1 Saturday with BDCIFDC (January Swing Dance)

37 weekly dance lessons on Mondays w/BDCIFDC & SDC

Please include your Annual Member # w/RSVP

Culture Nights

Culture Nights provide an engaging and social experience where one can truly experience and learn about many cultures. Features lessons and workshops focusing on many different cultures around the world, such as



Persian-Cuban-Arabic Belly Dance-Lebanese Dance

Indian Bollywood-Japanese-Korean Drumming Workshop

U.S.A: American Contra Dance/Square Dance/Canjun/Zydeco

Swing Dances w/Professional Jazz Bands

for Celebrating U.S.A.

Culture Nights may include guest teachers, live music & performances

20X a Year IFDC Celebrates Specific Cultures/Countries

Mondays at Kerckhoff Grand Salon from 9 p.m.-11 p.m. (10 p.m.)

Starting Fall 2018 Kerckhoff Hall has new hours

Therefore some Cultural Dance Workshops may end at 10pm

Larger Culture Nights feat. live music/special guest teachers ended at 11pm

with club agreed to pay ASUCLA Overtime Fees

Starting Fall 2019 Kerckhoff Hall has new hours

ASUCLA MGMT has sent an email that student programs must end at 10pm

Student Groups will no longer be permitted to pay Overtime Fees so Culture Nights can end at 11pm

(maybe Culture Nights will start at 830pm instead of 9pm starting Fall 2019

Dance Parties (Mondays/Saturdays)

Dance Parties are our large scale dance events featuring Live Music

with professional Swing/Salsa/1920s & 1950s/60s Rock Bands,

inspirational performing groups, and guest speakers.

Following the Dance Lessons, practice dancing and have fun with a professional band providing a lively atmosphere.

Parties are in Kerckhoff Grand Salon/ Ackerman Grand Ballroom

on Select Mondays/Saturdays

Dance Lessons: 7 p.m.-9 p.m.

            Dance Parties: 9 p.m.-11/11:30 p.m.

(since 1997 dance parties on Mondays/Saturdays have ended at 1130pm/12am)

Starting Fall 2019 Kerckhoff Hall & Ackerman-AGB have new hours

ASUCLA MGMT has sent an email that student programs must end at 10pm

Student Groups/Student Leaders may NO longer pay ASUCLA Overtime Fees

so lessons/parties/concerts can end at 1130pm.

Therefore starting Oct. 2019

Dance Club Parties each quarter

may adjust schedules for lessons/parties feat. professional bands

1940s Swing/1950s Swing/1920s/Salsa Parties

may need to end at 10pm, instead of 1130pm/12am.

Club Officers are considering reducing the dance lessons prior

on party nights

to only 1 hour 7pm-8pm instead of 2 hours 7pm-9pm,

with parties featuring live music

being 2 hours 8pm-10pm, instead of 2.5 hours 9pm-11:30pm.

RSVP for all events to confirm location/hours/dates.

ballroom@ucla.edu or HistoricalDance@yahoo.com

or UniversityDanceClubs@yahoo.com

For more detailed information/dates on our specific events,

please go to the BDCIFDC website link for 



also see HBDC website


Officer/Planning Meetings:

Day/Time tba

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