Learn Swing-Salsa-Tango

Waltz-Cha Cha-Foxtrot...since 1996

Learn Cultural Dances, since 1995

Large Scale Social Dance Parties, since 1997

General Questions

E-mail UniversityDanceClubs@yahoo.com

RSVP Required for all events & to confirm locations/hours/dates

Off Campus Events/Lessons are not sponsored by campus dance clubs.

Ballroom Dance (Salsa/Swing/1920s...) Lessons/Dance Practices

Fall 2022 Update: Lessons/Events at Westwood Ballroom

across the street from UCLA in the social hall

of St. Alban's (Parish Hall)

Advance RSVP & Confirmation always Required

7pm Wednesdays/Thursdays/Saturdays

(Select Fridays/Mondays)




               Plus Theme Dances

Weekly Lessons/Events: Re-opened (off campus) Oct. 2021

Saturday Afternoons/Evenings

1pm & 2pm, 3pm-5pm, 7pm

Learn Argentine & Vintage Tango/Waltz/Fox-Trot/1920s Dances

Jane Austen & Victorian period ballroom dances

Swing & 1920s Dance Styles

RSVP to HistoricalDance@yahoo.com

7pm-9pm Tuesdays

Beginner Cultural Dance Lessons

Old Info: 6pm-730pm/8pm Wednesdays

Monthly Dance Events at Westwood Ballroom

1st Saturdays: 2pm-6pm

2021: Nov. 6 & Dec. 4, <Jan. 8>, Feb. 5, Mar. 5

Cultural Partner Dancing for Advanced Dancers

2nd Saturdays Westwood Marathon

1pm-6pm: Feb. 12, Mar. 12 Free Admission, Donations Welcome

New Schedule:

1pm Circle Dances

3pm Easy Partners

4pm-6pm Partner Dances

Old Schedule:

1pm Cultural Partners

230pm Circle Dancing

4pm Cultural Partners

Mostly 3rd Saturdays: 6pm-10pm

<Jan. 29>, Feb. 19, Mar. 19, <Apr. 23>

Intermediate/Advanced Cultural Partner Dance Practices

Friday Dec. 31, 2021 at Westwood Ballroom (St. Alban's)

New Year's Eve Ballroom Dancing 7pm-9pm

Free Admission for anyone who has become

an Annual Supporting Member

of Ballroom Dance Club/IFDC at UCL1995-2020

Saturday Jan. 1, 2022 1pm-6pm at St. Alban's

Folk Dancing Free for Everyone

1pm Partners, 230pm Circles, 4pm Partners

Saturday Jan. 1, 7pm-9pm, 2022 at St. Alban's

Ballroom Dancing Free for Everyone

Friday Jan. 7, 2022

Ballroom Dancing 7pm-9pm

on Select Friday Nights at St. Alban's



Ballroom Dance Club & International Folk Dance Club


Celebrated 25 Years (1995-2020)

of Free On-Campus Weekly Dance Lessons

for Annual Club Members

Club Members have enjoyed 50 Nights a Year

of FREE Dance Lessons on campus.

BDCIFDC has presented annually

37 Weeknights of Dance Lessons

1 Saturday Night Theme (Swing) Dance

plus Annual Club Members also enjoyed

Free Admission at additional 12 Saturday Night Theme Dances

on campus, produced by the student leaders of

DC Coalition Org: Historical Ballroom Dance Club at UCLA

sometimes with co-sponsorship by BDCIFDC

1995-1997 BDCIFDC provided 5 Hours per Week of Free Dance Lessons

Winter 1997 moved to UCLA Ackerman Student Uion Bldg

Spring 1997 provided 4 Nights/14 Hours per Week of Free Dance Lessons

Fall 1997 contract with ASUCLA for Weekly Rentals for 4 Hours of Lessons

In 1997 BDCIFDC helped produce the 10th Annual New Student Welcome with the UCLA Transfer Student Association at UCLA Ackerman-AGB

(First Club Event with 200+ Participants)

Club provided Argentine Tango & Cultural Dance Lessons & helped arrange 

a campus resource fair with campus student/staff leaders welcoming all new students.

Following the big swing dance parties in Oct. 1998 & 1999

with 800 & 600 participants at UCLA Ackerman Grand Ballroom

that featured professional 10 & 20 piece swing bands,

Swing Inc. & Bill Elliott Swing Orchestra

Winter 2001 BDCIFDC presents

the 70th Anniversary of UCLA Kerckhoff Hall 1931-2001

with the start of 1930s Swing Dance Parties

including a presentation on the history of

Kerckhoff Hall as generous gift of Mr. & Mrs. Kerckhoff

Fall Quarter 2001 BDCIFDC began producing large scale Salsa Parties at Ackerman-AGB featuring professional Salsa/Latin Dance Bands

Club Leaders expanded Club Meetings to include (2017 & 2018)

14 Social/Vintage/Cultural Dance Parties per year

(Weeknights & Saturday Nights)

featuring professional Swing & Salsa Bands,

1920s/1950s Bands, & ethnic music dance bands

co-sponsored by DC Coalition org: BDCIFDC & Historical BDC

All on-campus events have had Free Admission

for club members & invited guests.

Most events have complemetary refreshments,

student group (music/dance/theater) performances.

Thank you to all Bruins that have become Supporting Members.
(Students, Staff, Faculty, Alumni & Community Fans of Live Music)

Thank you to all campus clubs that have performed at

the Ballroom Dance Club's Swing & Salsa Parties, & Culture Nights.

Following the Weekly

Swing-Salsa-Tango-Ballroom Lessons

with the Ballroom Dance Club

Club Members also participate in

International Folk Dance Club's

intro to cultural dances from around the world.

Club Members learn fun dance styles: 

Israeli/Greek/Armenian...and many other folk dance styles

Including Circles, Lines & Choreographed Partner Dances

of the 37 Mondays per year of Lessons at 9pm

20+ Nights featured a specific Culture Nights

celebrating a specific country, culture, ethnicity.

Club Leaders invited a dozen plus Guest Performing Groups

(student & professional dance/music groups) per year.

Guest Teachers have been invited to campus quarterly/annually

&/or Live Music with both professional bands & student groups

The International Folk Dance Club at UCLA

has brought to campus world famous teachers

dance specialists & student dance/music

performing groups 1995-2020

Arabic Belly Dance with Josie & several other professional Belly Dance teachers
Bulgarian Dance with...

Turkish Dance w/professional Belly Dancer, Nyala

Hawaiian Dance with Hawaii Club Members
Balkan Dance w/Joanie, Nathan & UCLA Ethnomusicology Balkan Music Ensemble with talented UCLA Professors
Chinese Dance w/Chinese Folk Dance Troupe

Chinese Dance w/Chinese Cultural Dance Club
Chinese Dance with UCLA Ethnomusicology Chinese Music Ensemble

Chinese Dance Performance with UCLA Extension Student

Japanese Drumming Workshop with Kyodo Taiko at UCLA

Israeli Dance Performing Group (3 Troupes from Israel)

Italian Dance with..

Irish Dance with Erin Ealy & Catriona

Scottish Dance w/guests from BH Rox. Park
French Dance/Music Night with Cynthia & James
Greek Dance 3X per year with Athan Karras (10+ years)

Armenian Dance 3X per year with Tom Bozigian (20+ years)

Persian Dance with Josie (Winter Quarter)

American Dance: Cajun/Zydeco Dance with...
American Dance: Contra Dance with Mr. Hutson

Britain: English Country Dance with...plus live music

Jane Austen-Regency Dance with Mr. Hertz & Cynthia/James

America: 1920s Dances with Cynthia & James

Swedish Dance with William Harvey

Indian Bollywood Dance with Nashaa from UCLA

Cuban Dance (Salsa performed by RUHS salsa teams)

Cuban Dance (Salsa performed by CSUN Salsa Libre)
Latin Dance (Merengue performed by Salsa Club)
Latin Dance (Performed by LASA at UCLA Salsa/Merengue/Latin Dance Styling Groups)
Cuban/Latin Jazz Music at Ack-AGB feat.

with UCLA Ethnomusicology Dept. Professor, Francisco Aguabella (Cuban Music/Drummer)
Francisco Aguabella Latin Jazz Ensemble (10X) Fall Quarter

Latin Jazz with violinist/salsa band leader, Susie Hansen (several times Fall/Winter Qtr.)

Argentine Dance with Michael Espinoza

Mexican Dance with Grupo Folklorica de UCLA

Mexican live music with Ethnomusicology Dept Music of Mexico, Dir. Guzman (full class and advanced student musicians group (Spring Quarter Latin Culture Night/Mexico Culture Night)

Pablo Mendez Latin Band for Mexico CN/Spring Salsa Party

Oswaldo Bernard/Opa Opa Latin Band at Fall Qtr. Salsa Party

American Dance: 1930s Jump Swing Dance Lessons w/guest teacher, Michael Kuka)

at Summer Swing Dance Party at Ackerman Grand Ballroom 
Westchester Lariats performed International Dances at Ackerman 2nd Fl. Lounge

IFDC also co-sponsored Social Dance Parties

featuring Professional Swing/Salsa/1950s Bands

at UCLA Ackerman Ackerman Grand Ballroom & UCLA Kerckhoff Grand Salon

Fall/Winter/Spring Quarter Salsa/Latin Dance Parties at UCLA

Fall/Winter/Spring Quarter 1940s Swing Dance Parties at UCLA
Fall Quarter 1950s Swing/Halloween Party at UCLA
Winter Quarter 1950s Swing Dance at UCLA w/Historical BDC

Professional Bands:
Swing Inc. (10 piece professional band Dir. by Dennis Kaye) Fall/Winter/Spring Quarters
Swing Inc. 5 piece band for Summer Swing Dance in Bruin Plaza

PCC 17 Piece Big Band Directed by Dennis Kaye (Fall/Winter/Spring Quarters)

Bill Elliot Swing Orchestra (20 piece band) w/guest singer, John Lithgow,

Susie Hansen Latin Band

Francisco Aguabella Latin Jazz Band

Pablo Mendez Latin Band

Opa Opa (Latin Band)
Cornelius & Burt's 1950s Rock & Roll Bands (Fall/Wtr. Quarters on Mondays & Saturday Nights w/HBDC)

Dutch Newman Musical Melodians (1920s Music) Saturday w/Historical BDC Spring Qtr.

Mikal Sandoval Musical Melodians Saturday w/Historical BDC Fall Qtr.


Prior to the Covid Campus Closures March 2020

The Dance Clubs completed Winter Qtr. 2020 on March 9

which was the clubs' 97th Quarter of Free Weekly Dance Lessons

provided by James & Cynthia (founding club presidents 1995-1997, 1998-1999)

Due to Covid Campus Closures

no meetings were held during

Spring Quarter 2020

Since 1997 Free Weekly Summer Lessons

have been included with Annual Membership

but Summer 2020 (24th Year of Free Summer Lessons)

for Summer Quarter & Annual Members

did not happen due to Covid Campus Closures (CCC)

Fall Quarter 2020 Meetings not permitted due to CCC

Winter Quarter 2021 Meetings not permitted due to CCC

Spring Quarter 2021 Meetings not permitted due to CCC

Summer Quarter 2021 Meetings not permitted due to CCC

Most recent meetings/lessons

Winter Quarter 2020 & Fall Quarter 2019
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New Members Welcome each Week.

Join Students, Staff, Faculty, Alumni  & Community

 Fans of Live Swing/Salsa/1920s/Cultural Musi

New Participants

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Learn Social/Cultural Dances

Beginners Welcome

RSVP to UniversityDanceClubs@yahoo.com

Annual Field Trips with Club Officers

Sunday Brunch: Chinese Dim Sum (Oct/Aug)

Tea at the Bel Air Hotel Piano Lounge (Winter/Summer Quarter Lessons)

Annual Field Trips with Club Instructors/Members

Ticket to the Twenties (1920s Festival) at Homestead Museum City of Industry (Oct)

L.A. Greek Festival at St. Sophia's Cathedral (Pico/Normandie) (Sept/Oct)

Pasadena Greek Festival at St. Anthony's in S. Pasadena (Oct)

Latin Jazz Festival at Sycamore Park (Oct)

Original Renaissance Faire (Spring)

Valley Greek Festival at St. Nicholas in Northridge (May)

Santa Barbara French Festival (July)

Oxy Viennese Waltz Night (Feb)

Weekly e-mails include hundreds of Free Events both on & off campus including

Festivals, Conferences, Lectures, Movies, Concerts & Dances

& many culture nights presented by non-Dance Club Coalition orgs at UCLA

(that's the other 1000+ clubs registered at UCLA)

Check out our Membership page

to help dance club student officers

pay ASUCLA room rental fees for weekly room rentals
& for Annual Club Swing/Salsa...Parties.

Mailing Address 907 Westwood Blvd #350 L.A. CA 90024

Ballroom Dance Club/IFDC at UCLA 310-284-3636